Finance Team

Learn about the Finance Team at TriMet, including our Chief Financial Officer and others involved in TriMet's bond program.

Photo of Nancy Young-Oliver, CPA, CPFO, CFE, CISA

Nancy Young-Oliver, CPA, CPFO, CFE, CISA

Chief Financial Officer

Nancy Young-Oliver started with TriMet in 2015, first serving as the Director of Budgets and Grants before being promoted to Chief Financial Officer in August 2022. As CFO, Nancy oversees finance, debt, treasury, budget and forecasting, procurement, grants, risk management and the fare revenue program.

Nancy has overseen TriMet’s annual financial planning and $1.9 billion fiscal budget development. Under her leadership, TriMet’s received its first Distinguished Budget Presentation Award from the Government Finance Officers Association for the fiscal year 2020 budget, and has continued to receive the award annually.

Nancy has also been responsible for TriMet’s debt management, performance reporting and analysis, fare revenue analysis, and grants administration. She oversaw the issuing of TriMet’s first sustainability bonds, in October 2021, to fund projects that bring environmental and/or social benefits. The sustainability bonds proved so popular with investors that there was more demand than supply. The bond sales generated $200 million in new money to fund capital projects, including the MAX Red Line Extension and renovations at the Powell Operating Facility to prepare for the return of articulated 60-foot buses and TriMet's growing electric bus fleet.

Nancy spearheaded the creation of TriMet’s Clean Fuel Credits program in 2020 as part of Oregon’s DEQ Clean Fuels Program. The program is designed to reduce the carbon emissions produced by the state’s transportation fuels by 10% by 2025. Nancy has led negotiations for the sale of TriMet’s Clean Fuel credits to outside parties, which has resulted in an annual increase of $1.5 million in miscellaneous revenue.

Nancy is a licensed Certified Public Accountant, licensed Municipal Auditor, Certified Public Finance Officer, Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified Information System Auditor. She has in-depth knowledge of Oregon Budget Law, Oregon Municipal Standards, and Governmental Accounting Standards Board standards.

Photo of Cara Fitzpatrick, CPA, CFE

Cara Fitzpatrick, CPA, CFE

Director of Financial Services

Cara Fitzpatrick oversees TriMet’s Financial Services department including accounting, cash management, investments, debt, accounting, payroll services, and financial reporting. Since joining TriMet in 2017, she has assisted with issuing payroll tax revenue bonds and capital grant receipt revenue bonds.

Before joining TriMet, Cara worked for more than 15 years in accounting and auditing at local governments, including Multnomah County and the City of Tigard. Prior to joining the government sector, Cara worked in public accounting as a senior associate auditor. She received a bachelor’s in business administration in accounting from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Photo of Eric Mireiter, CPA

Eric Mireiter, CPA

Senior Manager of Financial Services

Eric Mireiter manages accounting operations within Financial Services including accounts payable, capital assets, inventory, grants, and various revenue sources including TriMet’s Payroll Tax Revenue program that secures most bond issuances.

Before joining TriMet in 2017, Eric worked primarily in public accounting with 12 years of experience managing and auditing local government, non-profits, and other entities in Oregon. He received a bachelors in business administration in accounting from the University of Portland and is a licensed CPA and Municipal Auditor within the State of Oregon.

Photo of Kingston Sprague, CPA, CFE

Kingston Sprague, CPA, CFE

Manager of Debt and Treasury

Kingston Sprague has 12 years of experience in government finance and is currently the Manager of Debt and Treasury at TriMet.  He joined TriMet in 2017 after six years as an auditor at the Washington State Auditor’s Office during which time he served as a state-wide resource for liability accounting.  His current responsibilities include assisting with the bond issuance process, investing bond proceeds, ensuring payment of debt service, and managing compliance with continuing disclosure as well as arbitrage requirements.

Kingston holds a master of accounting and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Washington State University.