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As of April 30, 2024


These graphs show the weekly boarding rides taken on buses and MAX Light Rail, as well as LIFT Paratransit and WES Commuter Rail including transfers. If a rider takes two buses to get to work, it counts as two boarding rides.

More information on ridership can be found here


As of April 30, 2024 (unaudited)


The graph on the left shows the sum of employer payroll tax, self-employment tax and state-in-lieu revenues for the last fiscal year and the current fiscal year to date. The employer payroll tax is levied on gross payrolls of private businesses and municipalities, and on net earnings of self-employed individuals within the TriMet service area. State of Oregon offices located within the service area are not subject to the payroll tax, but they make in-lieu tax payments to TriMet.

The graph on the right shows revenue received from fares on fixed route (bus, light rail and commuter rail) and paratransit services for the last fiscal year and the current fiscal year to date. This includes direct to consumer fare sales, pass programs with local employers, educational institutions and social service agencies and other fare programs. 

More information about revenues can be found here.

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