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Forward Together (starting 2023)

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Major Projects

Lots of things have changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, including how and where people ride TriMet. As we restore our bus operator workforce, we anticipate growing our bus service by more than 30% over current levels in the coming years. Working with the community, we’re looking into changes and improvements to our bus service that would help more people get to more places and ensure that TriMet is meeting current and future riders’ needs.

Our Revised Service Concept is based on what we heard from our community in the spring and fall of 2022: focusing on ridership and improving connections to destinations for people with low and limited incomes.

To best meet the needs of people in TriMet’s service district, the Revised Service Concept would bring bus service to 50,000 more people, weekend service to 100,000 more and significant increases to frequent buses service to connect people and jobs.

Forward Together