Major Projects

Powell Bus Garage (opened 2022)

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Major Projects

The Powell Garage (9800 SE Powell Boulevard, adjacent to the east side of I-205) was built in 1976 as a temporary facility while the Center Garage, in Southeast Portland, was under construction. Construction has been completed to reconfigure the Powell Garage site to improve bus and employee circulation and safety at its access points, replace and modernize the aging buildings, and accommodate 50 percent more buses, including larger, articulated buses for the Division Transit Project.

The project also included improvements to SE 99th Avenue and areas adjacent to Powell Garage, including:

  • Upgraded sidewalks on 99th Avenue
  • New light poles for better lighting
  • Re-grading the surface of SE 99th Avenue
  • A new traffic light on SE 99th Avenue to efficiently move vehicles onto Powell Boulevard and 99th

Powell Garage