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New Light Rail Vehicles (coming 2024)

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Major Projects

The new Type 6 trains, made by Siemens, share some of the same characteristics as their Type 5 predecessors. They’re the same length (96 feet, 11 inches) and width (8 feet, 8 inches). They have slightly less capacity due to having operator cabs at both ends, which means the “parlor” style seating is gone, resulting in a loss of several seats. But, they’re still high-capacity trains, with room for 168 riders (336 riders when two are coupled).

Some of the trains’ new features will be seen and experienced by riders, while others are working behind the scenes to keep the trains running with the latest technology. Here are some of the improvements on the new Type 6 MAX trains:

  • Updated digital signs inside the trains show the next MAX station and dynamically change when approaching stations.
  • Better temperature control for heating to keep trains warm in cold weather.
  • New LED lights indicate available doors for boarding and getting off trains. The lights will display in green when a door is available, red when not available and flash yellow when the doors are operating to provide better visual aids for riders.
  • LED headlights for better efficiency and longer lifespan.
  • Improved reliability using predictive maintenance. Trains will communicate digitally with our maintenance teams to better troubleshoot possible issues before they occur.
  • Improved on-board cameras with clearer pictures. The new cameras also feature wireless data downloading.

Type 6 LRVs